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You wouldn’t start a business without the help of an accountant, right? Then why would you tell your story without an expert in the field? Visual storytelling is the best way to create an emotional bond between your brand and your audience. And let that be exactly my area of expertise.

Driven by a hunger for untold stories and adventures, an eye for visuals and instant agitation whenever I see a writing mistake, I created my world around writing, filming and editing. So don’t worry about turning your story into words and images. I’ll take care of your ideas, so you can focus on YOUR goals. Together we’ll make you and your business flourish.

Collaborating with Laura is refreshing. She knows her métier & thinks out of the box. Highly satisfied with the results!

- Matthias Bekaert (Co-founder BuildEye)

Laura is a skillful (copy)writer who really listens to what her client wants. She quickly delivers superb content.

- Steven Clemminck (Executive Coach Vlerick Business School)

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Copywriting with Laura
Copywriting & Translation

Every story needs a good narrative. Let’s create one that strikes your audience within a second.

Videography with Laura

Video is the most effective tool in our digital world. Online commercials, after movies, documentaries, I'm on it.